“Adrienne is a first class tutor who combines a deep knowledge and understanding of languages with empathetic teaching methods. Her style is relaxed while remaining focused and her patience (with my stumbling) is admirable”

(David, adult, studying Spanish)

“I have been attending French conversation classes with Adrienne for over a year now and it is no exaggeration to say that they have become a mainstay of my week. My motivation in joining was to gain greater confidence in speaking French (not consistently worked at since doing my A levels in the 1970s) and this aim has been very successfully met. Adrienne is not only a highly skilled teacher—supremely clear in the exposition of points of grammar and vocabulary—but she is also genuinely interested in people and a first-class facilitator of discussion, making sure that each participant gets a chance to make an effective contribution. Over the months our group, fueled by excellent refreshments (including a constant supply of French biscuits), has explored a wide variety of subjects from the humorous to the serious and in the process we have deepened our knowledge of French society and culture as well as developed our language skills. We have had enormous fun while making some serious progress – highly recommended!”

(Phil, adult, studying French)

“Adrienne is a really great teacher. With her help I massively improved both my French and my German speaking, writing and grammar. I really enjoyed the lessons and the hour flew by. She was very flexible about the topics we covered and it was great prep for my AS exams.”

(X, aged 17, studying French and German)

“Not only has X stopped hating German, but after a year of lessons with you, Adrienne, she now wants to take it for A-level… I’m so happy that we found you. You’re a very positive female role model – I’m not just referring to the German teaching, you have had a marked influence on X’s attitude to learning in general. She now thinks it’s cool to work hard and succeed academically. Thank you!”

(Mum of X, aged 15, studying German)

“Thank you so much Adrienne. You are amazing and generously kind with both your time and support. Tutoring with you is the longest thing outside school Y has stuck to, and I’m so impressed with all the progress both girls have made. They are much more confident and happy with languages now.”

(Mum of X, and Y, aged 10 and 13, studying French and Spanish respectively)

“I have known Adrienne for over a year and she is an excellent teacher – both X and Y (who is only 4) really enjoy their lessons with her and have learnt an amazing amount of Spanish. Adrienne is a highly qualified (Oxford graduate, teaches to degree level in 4 languages) but what I am most impressed with is her creative teaching methods. She ensures that the children learn easily (in a visual, auditory and kinaesthetic way so it suits all learning styles) without feeling like it’s hard work. She’s also very nice and extremely enthusiastic – our girls love her!”

(Mum of X and Y, aged 5 and 4, learning Spanish)

“I am writing my PhD on 18th century German philosophy, and I went to Adrienne for help translating some very dense and difficult passages. Adrienne helped make the seemingly endless German sentences look far less intimidating, by showing me how to recognise the sentence’s subordinate clauses, where to look for the main verb, how to recognise the dative and the genitive cases, and teaching me a number of stock phrases which are very common in academic German writing. On the basis of just a few lessons, I have a new confidence when it comes to translating German texts, and using the fundamentals that Adrienne taught me I have been able to continue translating, taking on increasingly complex pieces of philosophical prose. Adrienne also gave me some lessons to assist with spoken German. I am now living in Berlin, and thanks to our work over the summer I arrived here with a confidence in the language which has proven to be a real head start, and this would have been impossible without her tutorials.”

(X, in 20’s, studying German)

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Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries or would like to make a booking!

Contact Me

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries or would like to make a booking!