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FAQ’s with Adrienne


Hopefully I have answered your questions below.  Do call or email if you have any further questions and I would be happy to answer them directly or put you in touch with some of my current students who can give you their honest view.


Question: Who are the lessons suitable for?



Absolutely anyone and everyone!  There is no bad time or age to learn a language, and complete beginners are always welcome, as well as intermediate and advanced learners.  I have students starting as young as three, then throughout primary and secondary school, through to adults both working and in retirement.  Everyone can make great progress with a bit of hard work and a positive attitude.



Question: How do I book a lesson?



Easy! Just call or email me: 07855 528 483 or [email protected]  I will arrange a free 20 minute consultation to discuss how best we can help you progress with your chosen language or languages.  Then we will arrange a mutually convenient time to take one or more lessons per week, depending on how quickly you want to progress.  



Question: Can I book a single lesson rather than a series?



In theory, yes! Lots of my time is booked up with students who book blocks of 12 lessons each time and who have been learning with me since I began tutoring full time.  However, I have also done one-off or several lessons with students preparing short-term for exams or holidays, or in one case a ski instructor getting ready to teach in Val d’Isère.  Basically, if I can fit you in, I will. My busiest time is after 3pm, so early slots are more likely to be available.



Question: Should I take private lessons or study as part of a group?



Whatever you prefer! I am trained as a school teacher and have taught classes of up to 33 pupils at both primary and secondary level in England, France and Germany.  So space-permitting I am more than happy to teach groups.  Currently I run adult conversation classes in advanced French with 6 people (plus a teddy bear who changes name every lesson according to the topic) as well as small groups of children.  We could comfortably fit in up to 8 pupils at a time, but most students choose to learn alone, so I can tailor the lessons to meet your individual needs and you get the undivided attention of the teacher.



Question: How much do lessons cost?



All lessons are bespoke and prices vary according to your needs or those of your children or employees.  



Question: Which language should I learn?



Any or all of: French, German, Spanish or English as a foreign language.  I have several students studying each of those languages, and some study more than one.  When choosing a language, there are several factors to consider including why you are learning (work, travel, social, pure pleasure); what previous experience you have, if any, and which benefits your language skills could bring you in the future. If you have trouble choosing a language, please get in touch and I will help you.  

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